10th Scale Touring Car

10th scale touring car championship is run twice a year, a separate summer and winter championship with cups and prizes awarded at the end of each series. Touring car is the most competitive and arguably the top form of racing at Gloucester. The motors are limited to 13.5 turns brushless in line with BRCA rules. The tight technical track demands high degree of skill and a well set up car. Cars run by the majority of drivers are: Team Associated TC 6.1 & TC 6.0, X-ray T3 & T4 and Schumacher Mi6 Evo & MiOne. A basic carpet set up works well on all these cars, with most drivers opting for slightly stiffer front springs and more droop to make the car drivable, get good turn in and avoid grip roll.

Touring car 10th scale


GT12 is now the most popular class by far. In recent months the popularity has grown from a few cars to several heats. The sport is geared towards affordable, close, competitive racing. At Gloucester GT12 is well represented with drivers either driving Schumacher SuperStox & Atom or Zen GT12. A standard set up from the manual with foam tyres is a good place to start. The club recently updated the GT12 rules.

Super Stox

10th scale mini's

Mini's were popular at Gloucester club and have made a glorious return. Again designed to be an affordable form of racing going back many years. Tamiya dominate the mini classes with the front wheel drive chassis that has evolved slowly over 10+ years.

Tamiya mini M5