Q. How do I join GERCC?

A. Download and complete this form and bring it along to the club on a Friday evening. Your first evening racing is free. You will be required to join the BRCA, you can do this through the club. The club secretary and race control will advise you on how to join during your first meeting. BRCA licence provides you with insurance, a booklet on racing classes & rules and is the governing body of the sport.

Q. What time should I arrive?

A. We race every Friday (except Christmas day) doors open at 18:30. Arrive prompt we have plenty of tables and access to chairs. You can arrive a little later (no later than 19:10 Unless you have messaged in to race control), but it can get busy and for your first few meetings you will want to ensure you have a good spot in the hall so you can hear and see what is going on. Booking in starts at 19:10 and finishes by 19:30. We aim to be racing by 19:40. See the timetable for more details.

Q. What does the club provide for racers?

A. The club provides chairs tables and 240v mains power is available. It is advisable to bring an extension cable to ensure your table has power. We do have transponders so we can lap count your car. We also have a tuck shop providing tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps and an assortment of sweets. Also if you don't want to share your table it would be advisable to bring your own.

Q. I want to race, but I am new to this (or returning to the sport after a long break), what should I do?

A. Come along to the club and see what its all about. If you are returning after long break then it all looks very daunting (trust me, I know ;). At the beginning of the evening its very busy, everyone is rushing about, trying to build the track, get their cars sorted and prepare for the evening. It looks chaotic but you get used to it, just talk to one of the people at the club. The race director (the guy in charge at the computer) will always be busy, but you can find either the club chairman, club secretary or any of the committee members who can help. Just ask. After the first round of qualifying its a much better time for a chat. This is usually between 8:30pm and 9:00pm. People will be much more relaxed and wanting to chat about their cars, what kit they have and generally how to get started. Its fine to watch the racing, just respect the racers and make sure you keep off the track. If you are watching don't try and marshal cars, I know it looks like you should but let a marshal do it, its their job. The cars are very quick and can injure you. The best place to watch is on the upstairs viewing gallery or to the far left of the racers on the opposite side of the hall to race control. There is some room by race control but it can get crowded quite quickly.

Q. Where can I get more information on what is going on?

A. GloucesterERCC has a facebook page where we try and pass information out, Please sign up and join the fun.

Q. I think I want to have a go but where can i get a cheep car?

A. GloucesterERCC has a For Sale page where members post cars and items for sale, You can also post a "Wants" and members will keep an eye out for you.