The 2016-17 winter championship race programme will be based on 2 classes, 1/10th scale saloons (BRCA Super Stock class) and GT12’s (which will include1/12th Mardave and SupaStox saloons). Championship rounds for each class will be held on alternate weeks (Yellow for Touring Cars and clear for GT12’s) and only cars that comply with the Clubs’ class rules will be eligible to compete in these rounds. The Race Controller will have the discretion to permit cars from other classes to compete in the non-championship races, provided the car(s) are reasonably compatible with that class.

Each Championship will comprise of 12 rounds, with the best 10 to count. The dates are: -

Summer championship dates
November December January February March April
4* 2* 3 3


Prize giving (Does not count towards Championship)

6 10 10 7
18 13 17* 17* 14*
25 20* 24 24 21
16 27 31 28

     *      =   Change of track layout

BLUE   =   Both classes count for championship


Points will be scored based on the results of both the heats (best result) and finals of each round, with the top finisher in each being awarded 30 points. The second placed driver (based on laps covered and time elapsed) will be awarded 29 points, descending by one point for each subsequent finisher.

All cars must comply with the relevant Club Rules listed with this programme. These are supplemented by the specific class rules (as identified above) set out in the BRCA 2012 Handbook and website. The use of tyre cleaners or traction compounds in accordance with Rule 3.2 in 1/10th Electric Circuit regulations (page 50) is permitted, provided excess liquid is cleaned from the tyres before being placed on the track. Cars marking the track through the inappropriate use of additives will be excluded from the meeting. Cars may be scrutineered at any time as directed by the Race Controller. Any car found to be infringing its class rules may be excluded from the meeting and any points scored by its driver that evening will be deleted from the results. The use of reverse is banned for all classes and must be disabled in any ESC fitted with this facility. If using LiPo’s, charging inside a fireproof sack is mandatory inside the hall.

Shane Walker, Chairman