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2nd November 2018
Congratulations to our Championship Winners!!..

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in round 1 of the Track Championship. We appreciate the feedback you gave us throughout and hopefully we can make this even better as we progress into round 2 and then a full set of championship rounds in 2019.

In the Mini class, a healthy number of regular drivers led to some exciting close racing over the 6 weeks and it was Darren Sparrow who took an early lead in the championship after 4 weeks, a reward for his consistent attendance. As we entered the last 2 weeks it was a battle royale between Martyn Simms and Simon Wales (both Tamiya M07) who had been regularly swapping pole positions and wins between them throughout the championship. Martyn needed a top performance to take the win on the final week and took the overall championship win by just 2 points from Simon. The battle for 3rd place was hotly contested between Andy Shipley,Price, Van Roy Barber and Mike Snelling with the latter taking 3rd with his Tamiya M06 and Van Roy Barber just 1 point behind in 4th with his M07. Round 2 promises to be another epic battle between the fast driving local mini drivers. Well done all for some excellent fair racing over the weeks.

The GT12 class, made up entirely of Schumacher Atoms, was another hotly fought contest. Chris Baldwin was absent from R1.1 and R1.2 which meant he had it all to do in the final 4 weeks. Some excellent smooth, super quick driving gave him maximum points for the subsequent weeks to take the Round 1 Championship title. Dan Sparrow, James Hale, Martyn Waterhouse and Simon Wales battled it out to the end for 2nd and 3rd with Dan coming 2nd and James edging out Martyn for 3rd. The class was pretty strong with 2 heats most weeks and should provide some great racing again in round 2. The GT12 lap times were incredible in round 1 and on par with the fastest TCs.

In the TC class, Mark Giaquinto and his awesome Schumacher Mi6Evo were in a class of their own most weeks apart from the odd guest appearance from Team Xray driver Chris Gunter providing some welcome competition. Ashley Wirdnam and Tony Edwards battled it out for 2nd and 3rd.

Here is your final results table for Track Championship R1Championship

28th September 2018
The Wait is over!!..

Right then. So the long awaited GERCC Championship will be kicking of this week (28 Sep 2018).


Live Results are now running smoothly so make sure you are up-to-date.


Please remember to spread the word…

Here is your track for tonight’s inaugural GERCC ChampionshipChampionship

1st September 2018
Coming Soon to a track near you..


We are pleased to say that after a long wait, proper discussions and management has now begun for the restart of a championship at GERCC . .

So watch this space.....

31st August 2018
Back again . .

So all ran tonight .. not quite like clockwork as some may have noticed the finals we not quite right so bonus point to those who did and didn't say anything . .
You will be pleased to know Steve should be back next week so all should be back to normal . . Thanks for putting up with me at race control . . We had a glitch with the computer tonight so the race results were delayed but are now available . . Top job to our new arrivals and was defiantly interesting watching the drift cars making their way round the track . .
So looking forward to next week...

Be safe and thanks to all

24th August 2018
A Sad Day for GERCC ☹

Well it was a very sad day for GERCC today as only have 7 Members turning up meant the with deepest regret for the first time in 20+ years we were unable to continue the meeting. A massive apology to all those who travelled for a far and thanks to your understanding.
Well I hope this was just because of the bank holiday weekend and people had plans for that good old Bar-B-Que in the British rain or a freezing walk on the beach 😊 . .
So next week we hope all to be back on track, we have a poll published on our Facebook page so please jump on and register you desires so we can be sure to have the right numbers and heats for the night, It is also important that you register you vote as now there has been occasions where people have turned up to race a particular car and have been unable to race as they were the only car of that class and we were unable to squeeze them into another race.
We aim to please but unfortunately, we cannot please everyone..

Be safe and thanks to all

10th August 2018
Good Night's Racing 😊

Back to full speed this week unfortunately the numbers were a little low but it did mean we had 3 Qualifying rounds and two finals and the speedy packing away kept us within out time window so top work to all.

looking forward to next week. . .

Be safe and thanks to all

26th July 2018
Sorry No racing this week ☹

I am sorry to say that the hall is not going to be available this week as it has been closed for repainting so all being well we will be back up and running on the 3rd of August. . .

Please can you spread the word to all those who do not have internet.

Be safe and thanks to all

23rd March 2018
We will be racing Good Friday

I am please to say the Club will be open Good Friday so please come and join us.

Please can you spread the word to all those who do not have internet.

Be safe and thanks to all

2nd March 2018
Sorry Guys - No Club Tonight

Unfortunately due to the sever weather conditions the Beaufort Co-operative Academy is closed today which means we will be unable to race.

Please can you spread the word to all those who do not have internet.

Be safe and thanks to all

2nd February 2018
Nice bright track

New Tracks

The future is Bright . . as promised by the owners they have installed all new bright bulbs and boy does it make a difference.

16th Jan 2018
First day back and all is looking good

Although we've only had one evening so far, we are already looking at a wide variety of things such as:
     - moving carpet position
     - moving rostrum position
     - providing chocolate bars in tuck-shop
     - having both clockwise and anticlockwise tracks

We are also already aware of the following points, just to update people:
     - The hall is opened around 6pm (although our booking is only from 6.30). I hope this is ongoing
       so that we can start setting up although bit earlier.
     - There are chairs available for our use.
     - They are in the process of changing all the lights to the white ones, rather than mixture of
       yellow and white.
     - We have access to the upstairs viewing gallery which can be raced from as well as rostrum, but
       the wall is quite high so little ones will struggle without a step (I'm 5'8" and think that is close to
       shortest you can be to race from there)
     - We still need to push and remind people to Marshall.
     - We can access hall through the fire escape closest to carpark rather than trekking through
       entire sports centre site.

Thanks to all
Chris B

12th Jan 2018
Happy New Year to all and Welcome to our new track

Tonight is our first night at our new home of Beaufort Co-operative Academy,Holmleigh Park, Tuffley, Gloucester, GL4 0RT
Doors Open at 6:30pm.. Looking forward to a great 2018

Thanks to all

2nd Jan 2018
Moving Again . . .

New Venue

As you know Gloucester City council and Aspire have been unable to find a home for us but thanks to some hard work from the team we are pleased to announce that from the 12th of Jan 2018 our new home will be the Beaufort Co-operative Academy. Read more here.

To help make sure the club is able to get the track built and put away in a timely fashion can people keep to the published timetable. Important times are doors open at 6:30pm, booking in from 7:10pm - 7:30pm Start racing at 7:40pm.

28th Nov 2017
Closed for Holiday... But will be back 😊

So as you may or may not know Gloucester County Council have now sold the Old Oxstalls campus and we were temporally homeless, However with great delight and sterling work from the team we have managed to secure a move to a new location.

We will have a short wait whilst things get sorted but we will be back racing in Gloucester in early Jan 2018. I will let you all know when we get a moving date so keep watching this space.

Thanks to all

31st Oct 2017
How easily a week can change things ☹

So yes despite Aspire extending our contract Gloucester County Council have now sold our current site and the new owners have given us 30 days notice so unfortunately we have to be out by the 30th of November which does mess up a lot of our plans.

We our doing our best to come up with a new location and may have to compromise a bit on with the new site but fingers crossed a new home will be found.

Thanks to all

24th Oct 2017
More Good News

The new site has started construction and we have been allocated a slot in future plans, we do need to negotiate times and costs but it is good for the future of the club.

The Friday results upload is still a manual process but it is there just click on the link to the right or check out the championship menu

It has been great to see new members arriving at the club so keep the word going out as our future depends on new arrivals.

For our facebook users you will notice we have added the GERCC Sales and Wants page to the Admin Sugestions at the top of our page. I would like to send out a massive thanks to Jamie Curtis and Chris Lovell for looking after the site over the past years it is much apreciated.

Thanks to all

27th Jan 2017
So we have some Good news and unfortunately some bad news

I will start with the Bad..
Unfortunately Aspire who manage the contract to look after the building we use do not have enough business to justify keeping two people on duty from 9:30pm to 11pm. They have therefore had to reduce the running time of the hall by an hour which means we have to finish by 9:30pm every night, to compensate our booking has been moved from a 6:30pm start to a 5:30 start.
This new time slot of 5:30pm to 9:30pm will commence from Friday the 3rd March 2017
The committee do understand this may make it difficult for some of our members to get to site before booking in so we will have Myself and Steve’s Mobile phones available for text bookings and of course you can also message me on Facebook. We will also be looking into an Online booking in system too.

Now for the Good News
Aspire are happy with our conduct and business and have extended our current contract at the Oxstalls Community School Sports Centre to October 2017, They have also put us on the express list to move to the new site at Gloucester University Campus although they do not have a date range to offer us yet. The new site is planned to be three times the size we have so with any luck we may get our 7th roll of carpet out. We are also hopeful we will be able to return back to our original time slot too.

Thanks to all

Getting ready for Presentation Night 2016

Well here we are back at the start of another winter series.. Steve will now be furiously scurrying over the results for the last two seasons and the trophies will be sorted and printed ready for the presentation night which this year will be the 9th of December . .
So get your cars ready we want those dressed up cars and off course the best Caravan racing ever . .
I will try and publish more details soon . . so watch this space.
Thanks to all

Friday race results now available

Well I know we have had a lot of people after the weekly results so I have thrown together the last four weeks of data for you to peruse,, Enjoy…
I have also noticed we have horrifically abandoned the site so I will be looking to bring it up to date as soon as I can.
Shane .

Gloucester Club excel at Chippenham Winter Indoors Series

The Gloucester crew competing in the Chippenham Winter Indoors Championship have excelled by winning the Touring Car 13.5T boosted, 17.5T non-boosted and GT12 classes. Mark Giaquinto took the spoils for both 13.5T and GT12 narrowly beating Chris Gunter in the TC class and Chris Baldwin in the GT12 class. In the 17.5T class Chris Gunter had the perfect 800 score winning every single race he entered. In the 13.5T boosted class only 5 points separated Mark and Chris G. and in GT12 it was even closer still with only 3 points separating the top two.

Overall the Gloucester Club performed very well with the following members in the top 10 for Touring Car 13.5T: 1st Mark Giaquinto, 2nd Chris Gunter, 4th Luke Bennetts, 6th Kai Grainger, 9th James Curtis and 10th Chris Lovell.

The series is a great winter championship with strong support and a well run meeting. If you would like to compete next year look out for the anouncement on Chippenham's website.

New track layouts

New Tracks

Martin and Matthew Bennett along with some of the other club members have been designing new track layouts to make the most of the new larger venue and carpet we now have available. Each week the track will be rotated A - G. There are seven available to view at the moment with more on the way as the guys design the best layout to suit the space we have available.

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